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EV Charging Grants

We have explored the world of government grants available for EV Infrastructure, here are a few of the things we found out

If you are a Flat owner / Occupier or a Person(s) living in rented properties you can claim up to £350 including VAT, the link to the Government page is here This is an excellent way to start your Renewable Journey, Contact Us and we will get the ball rolling

If you are a Landlord or other entity there is support available for you also per ChargePoint, with £350 towards the purchase and installation of a charge point socket, full details are available here

If you as the Landlord have multiple properties, then please Contact Us we will then be able to provide the support you need  to organise all of your sites

Residential Car Parks don’t miss out on the grant either, click here and scroll down to the “How Much Can You Claim” section. A handy couple of examples have been set out by the government also showing workings for 5 and 10 points.  Click here and let us know how many Charge Points you need and we will be in touch

What’s available for Businesses / Fleet and Staff ? There is information available on this from the Government also click here to find out more. Most businesses will have a green agenda or sustainability charter or similar, why not get in touch with us here to discuss yours and see how else we can help

If your workplace needs Substantial EV Infrastructure across your sites (e.g. 40 sockets) then this is the link you need. If you choose to work with us, we need to know a few things about your sites, get in touch here and we can start working on your installation project with you, plus, we can advise you on how to make the most of the sun and power your charge points using our Solar Panel Solution

If you are from Local Authority then this is what you need to read for support for On Street Charging, click here and send us your contact details, we will be in touch and start to work on your project with you, no street or town to big or small

There is also further information on the Governments Super Deduction / Capital Allowances scheme available here

We will be writing more blogs over the coming weeks to make sure you are kept as up to date as possible with everything renewable !

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In 2019, I launched InspireGreen, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. With a background in technology and a passion for actionable change, my aim was to guide individuals and businesses towards effective decarbonization.

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