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Unlock Solar Potential: Harness the Sun's Power with InspireGreen

Harnessing the power of the sun, InspireGreen offers an extensive range of solar solutions. Optimised systems are provided as standard, ensuring peak performance and maximum return on investment.


Solar Solutions Tailored to Every Roof Type

Whether your project involves commercial or residential properties, various solar installations are available.

Offered are on-roof, in-roof, and flat-roof solutions. Ground mount systems and innovative car ports are also part of our extensive selection.

For those considering renovations, re-roofing services can be seamlessly integrated with solar upgrades.


Types of Solar Installations

Explore a variety of solar installations tailored to your needs. From on-roof systems to bespoke flat roof designs, InspireGreen ensures optimal energy solutions.

From Vision to Reality: Our Success Stories


Discover the positive changes we’ve enabled for businesses and homes alike through our dedicated renewable energy solutions.

Hear firsthand the stories of transformation and the significant savings our clients have achieved.

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Harness Energy Efficiency for Unmatched Savings

How Energy Efficiency Benefits You

Investing in energy efficiency with InspireGreen is a strategic move towards reducing operational costs and bolstering your organisation’s sustainability. With our comprehensive range of services, from innovative solar solutions to smart LED installations, we offer a multifaceted approach to cost savings and environmental stewardship.

Uncover Financial Savings

Embrace the cost-cutting benefits of renewable energy. By reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, your business can witness significant financial savings year on year.

Support Environmental Sustainability

By adopting renewable energy, your business plays a vital role in combating climate change. This commitment to sustainability reflects a modern, responsible brand that customers trust.

Enhance Business Valuation

Going green isn’t just about the environment; it adds considerable value to your business. Showcase a forward-thinking ethos and a commitment to sustainability, making your business more attractive to investors and customers alike.

Create a Capital Asset

Investments in renewable energy solutions become long-term capital assets, delivering returns well into the future. They're not just expenditures; they're a part of your business’s financial growth strategy.

Drive Business Profitability

Invest in green technology and see a direct impact on your bottom line. With lower operational costs, your profits can soar, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Demonstrate Eco-Friendly Leadership

Take the lead in your industry with eco-friendly practices. This not only sets you apart from competitors but also aligns with the growing global mandate for environmental stewardship.

Re-roof and Go Solar

Considering Re-roofing? Why Not Re-roof with Solar?

Maximise your investment and boost efficiency with in-roof solar panels. If you’re going through the cost of re-roofing, it makes perfect sense to integrate solar energy seamlessly into your new roof.

In-roof solar is more than just a solar panel. It transforms your roof into a solar roof, eliminating the need for mounting systems. These panels integrate directly with roof battens, offering a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Begin to Unlock Substantial Savings on Your Energy Expenditure!

Realise substantial energy savings and elevate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability.

Submit your enquiry today, and let’s forge a greener tomorrow.

Why Choose InspireGreen?

Choose InspireGreen for trusted, bespoke solar solutions, expert installations, and dedicated maintenance services.

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Bespoke Energy Solutions for Each Sector

Our expertise spans various sectors, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your unique requirements.

InspireGreen Installation


This section is designed to provide clear, concise answers to your queries, ranging from understanding the basics of renewable energy, exploring cost-effective ways to reduce energy bills, to learning about the environmental benefits of switching to greener energy sources.

What are the benefits of on-roof solar panel systems?

On-roof solar systems are cost-effective, easy to install, and do not require structural modifications to your existing roof. They can also be easily expanded if energy needs increase.

Can on-roof solar panels be installed on any type of roofing material?

On-roof solar panels can be installed on most roofing materials, including tiles, metal, and asphalt. Our team assesses your roof’s condition to ensure compatibility and optimal installation.

How do in-roof solar systems differ from on-roof systems?

In-roof solar systems replace part of the roofing material with solar panels, offering a more integrated, aesthetically pleasing look compared to on-roof systems, which are mounted on top of the existing roof.

Are in-roof solar panels more expensive than traditional on-roof panels?

In-roof panels typically involve higher initial costs due to their integrated nature, which requires more precise installation. However, they can increase property value and have a sleeker appearance.

What considerations are needed for installing solar panels on a flat roof?

Key considerations include ensuring proper drainage to avoid water pooling and using mounting systems that provide the correct tilt for optimal solar gain without compromising roof integrity.

How do you maintain solar panels on flat roofs?

Maintenance involves regular cleaning to remove debris and standing water, inspections to ensure mounting systems are secure, and checks to ensure no water leakage into the building.

What are the advantages of ground mount solar systems over roof-mounted systems?

Ground mount systems are not limited by roof space or orientation, allowing for optimal placement for maximum energy production. They are also easier to access for maintenance and adjustments.

Can ground mount solar panels be installed on uneven land?

Yes, ground mount systems can be designed to accommodate uneven terrain, though additional site preparation may be necessary to ensure stability and proper alignment.

How do solar car ports work?

Solar car ports use the canopy of the carport to mount solar panels, which generate electricity while providing covered parking. This electricity can be used to power building operations or electric vehicle charging stations.

What are the typical dimensions of a solar car port?

Dimensions can vary based on customer needs and the number of vehicles to be accommodated. Our design team works with you to create a solution that fits your space and energy requirements.

Is re-roofing with solar integration cost-effective?

Integrating solar panels during re-roofing can be highly cost-effective as it combines two major building improvement projects into one. This approach saves time and labour costs while increasing your home’s value and energy savings.


We’ve worked tirelessly to gain our accreditations which are a vital part of being a trusted Green energy partner.