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Empower Third Sector Sustainability: Power Your Mission with InspireGreen

InspireGreen delivers essential renewable energy solutions tailored to the unique needs of churches, universities, social enterprises, and charities. From solar power systems to advanced EV charging stations and efficient battery storage, we equip your organisation to meet both energy efficiency goals and environmental commitments, benefiting both your operations and the communities you serve.


Energy Solutions for Third Sector Organisations

Our offerings include solar power systems, flexible EV charging stations, and state-of-the-art battery storage, designed to help your organisation achieve its sustainability goals.

We specialise in bespoke installations that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure or new projects. Our adaptable energy solutions grow with your organisation’s needs, ensuring long-term efficiency and reduced operational costs.

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Tailored Energy Solutions Across the Third Sector

Explore a variety of energy solutions, from solar power systems to innovative EV charging stations and advanced battery storage, InspireGreen ensures optimal energy solutions for diverse third sector environments.

From Vision to Reality: Our Success Stories


Discover the positive changes we’ve enabled for businesses and homes alike through our dedicated renewable energy solutions.

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Harness Energy Efficiency for Enhanced Community Impact

How Energy Efficiency Benefits You

Investing in energy efficiency with InspireGreen is a strategic move towards reducing operational costs and enhancing your organisation’s sustainability.

With our comprehensive range of services, from innovative solar solutions to smart LED installations, we offer a multifaceted approach to cost savings, environmental stewardship, and community support.

Uncover Financial Savings

Embrace the cost-cutting benefits of renewable energy. By reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, your organisation can witness significant financial savings year on year, allowing more funds to be allocated to essential services and community programmes.

Support Environmental Sustainability

By adopting renewable energy, your organisation plays a vital role in combating climate change. This commitment to sustainability reflects a modern, responsible institution that the community can trust and support.

Enhance Public Services

Improving energy efficiency allows for reallocation of saved funds to enhance public services, such as educational programmes, community activities, and social services, directly benefiting the community you serve.

Create a Long-Term Asset

Investments in renewable energy solutions become long-term assets, delivering returns well into the future. They are not just expenditures; they are a part of your organisation’s financial stability and growth strategy.

Demonstrate Community Leadership

Take the lead in your community with eco-friendly practices. This not only sets your organisation apart but also aligns with the growing global mandate for environmental stewardship, inspiring other local entities to follow suit.

Improve Community Well-Being

Better energy solutions can enhance the quality of services provided to the community, ensuring that public facilities like schools, libraries, and community centres are well-lit, comfortable, and energy-efficient.


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Realise substantial energy savings and elevate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability.

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Why Choose InspireGreen?

Choose InspireGreen for reliable, tailored EV charging solutions, expert installations, and dedicated support services.

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Innovative Energy Products for Every Third Sector Need

Our expertise is extensive, allowing us to provide custom energy solutions that perfectly meet the specific demands of diverse third sector settings.

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This section provides detailed answers to your questions about our range of products and their applications across diverse commercial locations.

What are the advantages of re-roofing a church with solar panels?

Re-roofing a church with solar panels can significantly reduce energy costs while preserving the building’s aesthetic appeal. Solar panels can be designed to blend with traditional roofing materials, providing a seamless look while generating renewable energy. This also enhances the building’s sustainability.

How can infrared heating solutions be effectively used in churches?

Infrared heating solutions can efficiently heat specific areas within a church without wasting energy on unoccupied spaces. This type of heating provides instant warmth and is ideal for large, open spaces commonly found in churches. It’s also discreet, maintaining the building’s historical and architectural integrity.

How can Solar PV systems be customised for schools?

Solar PV systems for schools can be designed to fit various roof types and sizes. This ensures optimal energy generation while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the school buildings. Customisation options include rooftop installations, ground-mounted systems, and integrated solutions with other energy-efficient technologies.

What are the key considerations for installing EV chargers in community centre car parks?

Key considerations include assessing the current electrical infrastructure, determining the number of charging points needed, and ensuring easy access for users. Additionally, it’s important to consider future scalability and potential funding or grants available for such installations.

Can battery storage systems be integrated with existing solar installations in local authority buildings?

Yes, battery storage systems can seamlessly integrate with existing solar installations. This allows local authority buildings to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during peak hours or at night, thus enhancing energy efficiency and reducing reliance on the grid.

What are the benefits of LED lighting in libraries?

LED lighting in libraries provides energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and better lighting quality. This not only reduces energy costs but also creates a comfortable and well-lit environment for reading and studying, enhancing the overall user experience.

What are the installation requirements for Solar PV systems on community centre roofs?

Installation requirements include assessing the structural integrity of the roof, ensuring it can support the weight of the solar panels, and determining the optimal placement for maximum sunlight exposure. Compliance with local building regulations and obtaining necessary permits are also crucial steps.

How can Battery Storage enhance energy management in public sector facilities?

Battery storage systems allow public sector facilities to store excess energy generated from renewable sources. This stored energy can be used during peak demand times, reducing energy costs and providing a reliable backup power source in case of grid outages.

How can schools benefit from integrated energy solutions?

Integrated energy solutions, combining solar PV, battery storage, and energy-efficient lighting, can significantly reduce schools’ energy costs. These solutions also provide educational opportunities for students to learn about renewable energy and sustainability practices.

Are there specific LED lighting designs for community centres?

Yes, community centres can benefit from LED lighting designs that cater to various activities and spaces within the facility. These designs can include dimmable lights for event halls, bright task lighting for work areas, and energy-efficient options for outdoor spaces.

What are the benefits of solar carports in public sector car parks?

Solar carports provide covered parking while generating renewable energy. This dual functionality not only protects vehicles from the elements but also contributes to the facility’s energy needs, reducing overall energy costs and supporting sustainability goals.

How can public libraries improve their energy efficiency with InspireGreen’s solutions?

Public libraries can enhance energy efficiency through a combination of solar PV installations, LED lighting upgrades, and battery storage systems. These solutions help reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs, and create a more sustainable environment.

What customisation options are available for EV chargers in local authority car parks?

Customisation options include choosing between AC and DC fast chargers, integrating with existing payment systems, and designing the layout to ensure easy access for all types of vehicles. Additionally, chargers can be customised to display branding or information pertinent to the local authority.


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