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OZEV Grant Scheme

Let's give you an insight into the OZEV Grant Scheme!

The scheme in brief.

There are two main elements to the OZEV Grant Scheme.

  1. Purchase of EV Chargers
  2. Installation of the supporting infrastructure. 

Below we will explain these to you in more detail.

EV Chargepoint Grants

The UK Government has funding available for individuals who are looking to add an EV ChargePoint to their property.

What is a ChargePoint? A ChargePoint is simply the, often wall-mounted, device that is connected to your property’s electrical feed and supplies the correct facilities to charge your electric vehicle.

At the time of writing, the EV ChargePoint grant provides up to 75% of the cost toward the installation of your ChargePoint. This grant can only be used on Domestic properties.

Who is eligible? Currently the only individuals eligible for the grants are those who own a flat, rent any kind of residential property, or are landlords.

I own a flat/rent a residential property. Good News. You are eligible for either £350 or 75% of the cost to buy and install a ChargePoint, whichever amount is lower. You can apply for this grant so long as:

  • You own a flat or rent any kind of residential property;
  • Your home has its own private off-street parking space;
  • You own an eligible vehicle.

There are some restrictions around the scheme, these include:

  • You have already claimed for the grant (or its predecessors, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and the Domestic Recharge Scheme);
  • You are moving house or planning on moving;
  • You want a new chargepoint, even if a new car is not compatible with the current one;
  • You want to move an existing chargepoint to a new property;
  • You live in a house that you own (not a flat that’s part of a house).

EV Infrastructure Grants

Businesses classed as SME’S or any customer who is listed below can get grants to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure installed into their workplace or residential car park, as your installer, we would apply for this grant on your behalf.

Others eligible for the grant, include:

  • landlord with property that they let
  • right to manage (RTM) company
  • residents’ management company (RMC)
  • company owning the freehold of a property
  • company owning a building’s common areas, including shareholders who are the leaseholders
  • property factor in Scotland
  • private registered provider of social housing (PRP)
  • public authority, such as government departments and their agencies, the armed forces, local government, the NHS and emergency services
  • charity managing or owning residential property

In this instance, SME’s are defined as businesses with no more than 249 employees. Furthermore, in order to be eligible for the grant you must:

  • Be registered at companies house, or;
  • Be VAT registered with HMRC.

The grant will cover no more than 75% of the cost for the installation of the required infrastructure currently needed as well as cover funding for future planned infrastructure – plus the cost of any ChargePoints installed.

This grant has a limit of £15,000.

You could get up to:

  • £500 per parking space enabled with the charging infrastructure, and;
  • £350 per ChargePoint socket that is installed.

If you are claiming for infrastructure then you must support a minimum of 5 parking spaces and have at least one working ChargePoint.

Part of a Linked enterprise?

There are extra conditions applicable for organisations part of Linked Enterprises and Franchises. We highly suggest you read more about these.

Other Grants

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