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Accreditations & Memberships

MCS Certified

MCS Accreditation

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) provides comprehensive assurances, accreditation, and global recognition for renewable electricity structures, technologies, products, and installers. It serves as a worldwide benchmark for excellence and competence, ensuring that all products meet rigorous standards and undergo thorough testing.

In addition to accrediting microgeneration technology installers, the MCS assesses the supply, design, and installation of renewable electricity systems, ensuring customized solutions that meet the specific needs of consumers. It is crucial for installers to adhere to these requirements and follow the established procedures throughout the design, supply, and installation process to guarantee optimal results.

Moreover, the Microgeneration Certification Scheme is closely associated with complementary guidelines, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and other financial incentive programs.

Napit Certified

NAPIT Registered Members

At InspireGreen, we understand the paramount importance of engaging competent professionals from businesses that prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be registered under the Competent Person Scheme (CPS) for Electrical Work, ensuring our commitment to excellence.

As a certified member of NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers), we have demonstrated our competence, possess the necessary insurance coverage, and adhere to robust processes and procedures to ensure compliance.

Being a registered NAPIT installer, we offer the following assurances:

  1. Safe and legally compliant work completion, meeting all required standards.
  2. Regular assessments to maintain ongoing competence and assurance.
  3. Adherence to the latest health and safety regulations.
  4. Provision of the necessary certificates to demonstrate regulatory compliance for the work undertaken.

These certificates are valuable and may be requested by tenants, insurance providers, solicitors, and potential property buyers if you intend to let or sell your property.

Trustmark Accredited

TRUSTMARK Accredited .

When it comes to the significant task of installing renewable energy in your home or business, it’s crucial to find the right individuals and organizations for the job. At InspireGreen, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming accredited members of TrustMark, saving you time and providing the assurance that we are the right choice for your project.

What are the key benefits of engaging a TrustMark member?

  1. Peace of mind regarding the quality of workmanship and customer service.
  2. Support available to you in case of any issues or complications.
  3. Minimum two-year financial protection for all consumers.


TrustMark is the UK’s sole Government Endorsed Quality Scheme. As members, we adhere to the Code of Conduct and Customer Charter. When selecting a tradesperson or organization to complete your project, be sure to look for the TrustMark logo, as it is one of the essential logos to consider.

Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy UK serves as a prominent trade association for organizations like ours, advocating for legislation and funding to support Solar Energy solutions in the UK. Originally established in 1978 as the Solar Trade Association, its primary focus was to support the nascent solar thermal industry in the country.

Over time, the association’s scope expanded to encompass the entire spectrum of solar energy and energy storage, in response to the growing prevalence of solar photovoltaic technologies.

As a non-profit organization, Solar Energy UK boasts a membership base of over 300 members, and we are proud to be among them. The trade association’s mission is straightforward: ‘To leverage the collective strengths of our members and foster the development of a clean energy system for the benefit of all.


SSIP Acclaim

We understand the importance of health and safety – SSIP act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate and maximise mutual or cross-recognition of health and safety assessments between SSIP member schemes, wherever practicable to do so.

With our SSIP Acclaim Accreditation you can be assured that we have been competently tested to carry out our work in line with the most stringent health and safety regulations. All of our staff are suitably trained and we have all of the resourced required to carry out our work correctly.



REFCOM is a voluntary best practice company registration scheme, founded in 1996 to promote responsible refrigerant management. In 2009, REFCOM Certification Limited was appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to operate a certification body under the stationary equipment provisions of the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations.

Through our REFCOM membership, we gain access to the expertise of hundreds of individuals throughout the BESA Group.

Constructionline (Silver)

With over 25 years of experience, Constructionline plays a pivotal role in connecting various stakeholders within the construction industry. It efficiently manages and assesses procurement, compliance, and business development teams, fostering collaboration and streamlining processes.

As a distinguished Constructionline Silver member, we have undergone rigorous validation against the PAS91 criteria and other stringent benchmarks. Our business has successfully passed comprehensive evaluations and assessments, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Having reviewed and evaluated numerous businesses, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you have selected a trusted Constructionline Silver member.

By choosing a Constructionline Silver member like us, you benefit from:

  1. Enhanced procurement processes: Our validation against the PAS91 criteria ensures that our procurement procedures meet industry standards and best practices.

  2. Stringent compliance measures: We adhere to strict compliance guidelines, ensuring that all aspects of our operations align with regulatory requirements and industry regulations.

  3. Robust business development capabilities: Through our participation as a Constructionline Silver member, we have developed robust business development strategies and practices, enabling us to better serve our clients and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Partnering with a Constructionline Silver member offers you the assurance of working with a reputable and reliable organization, backed by years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence.

Living Wage Employers

At Inspire Green, we take pride in being one of the 11,000+ UK businesses that prioritize providing a wage that meets the everyday living needs of our staff. We believe that employees should earn enough to cover essential expenses such as the weekly food shop, home repairs, upgrades, or unexpected car repair bills.

The Living Wage campaign was founded by Citizens UK in 2001, and since then, hundreds of businesses each year have joined in championing the concept of a living wage.

As a Living Wage employer, we are in esteemed company, as renowned organizations such as Google, Chelsea FC, and Nationwide are also proud members of this initiative. By being part of this movement, we are committed to ensuring fair compensation for our employees, promoting their financial well-being and providing a supportive working environment.



Cyber Essentials is a highly effective and Government-backed scheme designed to safeguard organizations of all sizes against a wide range of common cyber attacks. At InpireGreen, we prioritise the security of our systems, ensuring constant efforts to protect against any form of cyber attack. With Cyber Essentials, we have implemented robust security measures and maintain a clear understanding of our security posture at all times.