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Case Study: New Directions Solar

A Modern Solution to help Decarbonise.

At the forefront of renewable energy solutions in Cardiff, InspireGreen embarked on an ambitious project to transform the energy landscape for New Directions, a forward-thinking business committed to sustainability. A testament to innovative problem-solving and the integration of green technology within the commercial sector. Our journey began with the discovery of a deteriorating roof, presenting the first of many challenges we were determined to overcome.

Faced with this initial obstacle, our team proposed a cutting-edge solution: an in-roof solar system. This innovative approach incorporated 344 high-efficiency Trina Solar 425W Panels and the robust GSE Integration system to enhance the building’s energy efficiency. The project’s scope included the seamless incorporation of over 5km of cabling, 4 Solis Inverters, and comprehensive safety measures, featuring 2 Hager MCB Panels & 1 MCCB Panel. This phase of the project underscored our commitment to delivering a solution that was both technologically advanced and environmentally responsible.

Project Details

The Challenge

Upon erecting the scaffolding, we uncovered significant deterioration in the roof’s condition, leading to a pivotal discussion with our client. We highlighted that the solar installation would surpass the roof’s lifespan, presenting a unique challenge. The initial estimates for roofing exceeded £300,000.

However, we proposed an innovative solution: integrating an in-roof solar system. This approach not only offered a cost-effective alternative to traditional re-roofing but also ensured our client could benefit from the substantial energy savings and environmental advantages of solar power.

Remarkably, our tailored solution fell below the initial roofing quotes, demonstrating our commitment to delivering value-driven, sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Project in Motion: Solar In-Roof

Project in Motion : Electrical Plant Room

Project in Motion : Inverter Room

Customer Feedback.

"From start to finish I was impressed by Inspire Greens professionalism and expertise in the solar industry. We had approached over 100 companies as part of the selection process, and not one compared to Inspire. Their knowledge gave me complete confidence that i was trusting my building into safe hands. We encountered a few problems along the way, one being needing a new roof which meant the whole installation had to be rethought as well as a refit our of electrical plant room. Both of these issues did not phase Inspire, they were able to handle these issues with minimal disruption to our project deadline. The whole team were respectful, knowledgeable and more than happy to help out across the board. While our solar power project has now been completed, i have no doubt that we will be working again on other energy saving projects going forward. Inspire Green really are a company you can trust and i believe that they will go from strength to strength."
Sarah Jackson
Head of Facilities



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Meet The Author.

Josh Powell
In 2019, I launched InspireGreen, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. With a background in technology and a passion for actionable change, my aim was to guide individuals and businesses towards effective decarbonization.

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