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Leveraging Your Unused Roof Space

Does your business have a large and unused roof space?

If so, you could be missing out on the chance to capitalise on the fantastic opportunity to convert it into a revenue-generating and bill-reducing asset.

Is it really worth it? For the majority of businesses, yes it really is worth it. A typical industrial solar system will provide free electricity for 25-years and generate extra income from your unused generation.

Typically, we see a 3-7 Year return on invest for Commercial premises and reductions on energy bills up to 38% annually.

But, how else can adding Solar to your roof benefit your business?

As mentioned just above, should you generate energy and not use it then you are able to sell this energy back to the Grid, often resulting in our profit. Businesses across the UK are receiving anything between £0.08/kWh to £0.40/kWh of electrical energy sold to the Grid. As you can understand, for some businesses this is resulting in £1000’s of extra income throughout the year with no extra work required.


The UK has set a target of being ‘net-Zero’ by 2030 but this is not a target our Government can hit alone, both businesses and individuals need to do their part in helping achieve this goal, though the Government are willing to help in the means of the Capital Super Deduction.

Attributing some of your budget over the coming years to paying for a Solar system will not only help you reduce your business’s Carbon Footprint but also generate positivity around your brand’s reputation amongst the community and sector you are in. In some sectors, achieving Net-Zero is key to the future of the business.

What does ‘Net Zero’ mean?

Net zero refers to a concept in which the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is balanced by an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere. In the example of installing Solar, greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere by replacing the gas that would have been burnt with the energy from the Sun via your solar panels.

 Achieving net zero emissions is considered a crucial step in mitigating the impacts of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future.

Adding Value to your Commercial Premises!

Imagine the scenario where you are a new business, looking for your first commercial premise. You’re looking for a warehouse or office space and juggling how much this facility is going to cost to run. You come across two premises, one is a warehouse/office space, with standard ways of heating and running off of pure Grid electricity, while the other premises is using Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning to heat the neccessary parts of the building and uses its own Solar array to provide up to 50% of the electrical usage.

Of course, the second option is going to cost slightly more, but you know that immediately you energy costs are going to be lower and you’ve already ticked a lot of the boxes needed for winning tenders, creating desire for future employees and being part of the Net-Zero community. A community that is only going to grow to be large than the Non-Net-Zero community!

Research suggests that you could add between 4% – 14% to the value of your property by installing Solar PV.

Guaranteed Lower Energy Prices

The chart to the right shows the Average Commercial Electrical Price between 2004-2022. Since 2020 there has been an estimated 128% increase in the price of Commerical energy, this is a figure that is expected by many to continue rising, especially with the Price-Cap for businesses disappearing after April 2023.

At present, world events can have a dramatic impact on the price of energy and the volatility of the market, Solar is one of the very small numbers of mean where there is no volatility to the price of the energy being produced.

Why does this have anything to do with Solar?

The cost of the Sun is never going to change, it will almost always be there apart from on very cloudy days. This makes Solar Panels one of the most efficient ways of harvesting energy for your business at Zero cost.

It is estimated that there is up to £3bn worth of savings to be made by industry through the means of installing Solar to warehouses alone across the UK.

Source: BEIS, 2022 Q2 Price through Consultation


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