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InspireGreen: Accredited Installers of Ohme EV Chargers in South Wales

As the world transitions towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered cars. With the growing popularity of EVs, the demand for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure has skyrocketed. InspireGreen, a renowned South Wales-based EV charger installer, has recently achieved accreditation as installers of Ohme EV chargers. This exciting development brings together two leading players in the sustainable mobility landscape, paving the way for convenient and eco-friendly charging solutions for EV owners.

InspireGreen: Accredited Installers of Ohme Chargers

InspireGreen, a trusted name in EV charger installation, has recently become an accredited installer of Ohme chargers. This partnership brings together two industry leaders, combining InspireGreen’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions with Ohme’s cutting-edge charging technology.

By becoming accredited installers of Ohme chargers, we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of benefits.

With InspireGreen’s commitment to quality and Ohme’s advanced charging technology, EV owners in South Wales can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient charging experience.

The collaboration between InspireGreen and Ohme aligns perfectly with the shared goal of promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions. By expanding our range of offerings to include Ohme chargers, InspireGreen reinforces its position as a leading provider of eco-friendly charging solutions in South Wales.

Ohme Chargers: Streamlined EV Charging Made Easy

Ohme is an innovative British company that specializes in developing intelligent EV chargers designed to simplify the charging experience for EV owners. Ohme chargers utilize advanced technology to provide seamless integration with various charging networks, enabling users to optimize their charging schedules based on time, cost, and even renewable energy availability.

With their cutting-edge features, Ohme chargers offer a host of benefits to EV owners. These benefits include smart charging capabilities that enable users to schedule charging during off-peak hours, load balancing to prevent grid overload, and the ability to prioritize charging when renewable energy is plentiful. Ohme chargers are also compatible with various EV makes and models, making them a versatile choice for EV owners across South Wales and beyond.

  • Intelligent charging capabilities for seamless integration with charging networks.
  • Smart scheduling options to optimize charging during off-peak hours.
  • Load balancing to prevent grid overload and ensure efficient charging.
  • Ability to prioritize charging when renewable energy is abundant.
  • Compatibility with various EV makes and models for versatile usage.
  • Cutting-edge technology for a streamlined and user-friendly charging experience.
  • Advanced connectivity options to monitor and control charging remotely.
  • Ongoing updates and improvements to enhance charger performance.
  • Backed by Ohme’s reputation for reliability and innovation in the EV charging industry.


These features make Ohme chargers a top choice for EV owners seeking convenient, efficient, and sustainable charging solutions.

A Message from Callum.

We are thrilled to add Ohme chargers to our product offering. Ohme’s advanced technology and commitment to sustainable charging align perfectly with InspireGreen’s mission of promoting eco-friendly solutions. With Ohme chargers, we can provide our customers in South Wales with a seamless and intelligent charging experience. We are excited to be accredited installers of Ohme chargers and look forward to empowering EV owners with reliable and efficient charging solutions.


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