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Empowering Renewable Energy Producers: The Smart Export Guarantee

As the world seeks to transition to a more sustainable and renewable energy future, governments and organisations are implementing various initiatives to incentivize the generation of clean energy.

In the United Kingdom, one such scheme that promotes small-scale renewable energy generation is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

This article will provide an overview of the Smart Export Guarantee, its purpose, and how companies like InspireGreen can assist individuals in registering for the scheme following the installation of solar panels and battery systems.

How Does the Smart Export Guarantee Work?

The Smart Export Guarantee, allows you to export your excess renewable energy to the National Grid and be paid for this energy.


It’s a glorious sunny day, with not a cloud in the sky. Your solar panels are pumping out energy for fun and providing enough energy to power your home and charge your batteries. You home uses 10kWh during the day and your battery capacity is 5kWh, but your solar panels have produced 20kWh during the day. 

In this instance you have produced an excess of 5kWh, this energy can be exported to the grid and reported to your Energy Provider. Companies like Octopus Energy offer 15p/kWh of exported energy, so in this example you could have generated £0.75, which doesn’t sound a lot but over the course of the year this can really add up!

InspireGreen: Simplifying SEG Registration

InspireGreen, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, is dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses in their transition to clean and sustainable energy. In addition to supplying and installing solar panels and battery systems, InspireGreen understands the importance of helping customers navigate the complexities of government schemes such as the Smart Export Guarantee.

By choosing InspireGreen for your renewable energy needs, you can benefit from their expertise and experience in assisting with SEG registration. Their team will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria and helping you select the most suitable SEG tariff from energy suppliers. InspireGreen’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond installation, as they continue to provide ongoing support throughout the SEG registration process.



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In 2019, I launched InspireGreen, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. With a background in technology and a passion for actionable change, my aim was to guide individuals and businesses towards effective decarbonization.

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