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Why Install Solar?

Solar energy not only helps to save the planet, but it can help save you money too! With the increased cost of living and rising energy bills, investing in solar means you no longer have to face the rising cost of electricity. Not to mention, you’ll also be adding extra value to your home.


Why Choose InspireGreen?

We keep solar simple! Our expert team get you the solar solutions that are right for you.

Latest Tech!

We're big on technology, and have access to all the latest, most efficient solar technology from brands like Solis, SolarEdge and Solar.
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End-to End Service

We provide a comprehensive service that supports you from installation all the way through to managing and maintaining your solar solutions.

Expert Installation

With over 30+ Years of experience in Technology & Construction, you can trust us to deliver the perfect project for your organisation.

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Sustainable Prices for a Sustainable Future

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Why Switch to Solar?

Inspire Solar can help you be a part of the green energy revolution. By switching to solar, you’re helping to transform the future of energy production.

Quality Guarantee

We work with top solar brands to guarantee quality products and expert installation.

Reduce Emissions

The average UK household using solar reduces its yearly emissions by up to 1.7 tonnes!


Solar PV Systems are a great investment that lead to excellent long-term energy savings.

Why Switch to Solar?

Solar Power: Rays of Hope

We’re using the sun’s rays to create cleaner, greener energy. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a brighter future, Inspire Solar are here to help you make the switch.

Unlimited Energy

Solar energy is limitless, with 173,000 TW of solar energy hitting the earth at any second.

The Future is Green

In 2021, 38% of global energy came from renewable sources, including solar.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar Panels require little maintenance and can last for 25-30 years with proper care.

Off-Set Costs

Solar panels offer a great ROI, and you can expect to make your money back in 8-11 years.

Ready to Run on Sun?

We make it easy to switch to solar power. Contact our friendly team today to learn more!

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