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Create the perfect temperature, wherever you are.

In March 2010, the Building Research Establishment found that 55% of UK office workers complained of working in unsatisfactory temperatures.

Feel the Breeze!

We offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions, effective to both commercial and domestic settings. So whether you’re looking for the perfect temperature for your team to work in, or a solution to cool your house in the peak of Summer, we’ve got the solution for you.

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Clever Cooling for Your Property

Our air conditioning solutions are designed to create a comfortable, breathable home or working environment. Using the latest filters, our systems will extract dust, pollens, and pollutants from the air you breathe.

Air Conditioning is a clever way to heat or cool a specific space, rather than subject an entire property to fluctuating temperatures.

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Type of Systems

Every building is different, that’s why we install and consult on a wide range of systems.

Ceiling mounted cassette type air conditioner in building system work. Ventilation compressor.


Ideal for expansive spaces, these systems are mounted on the ceiling. These types of systems are commonly found in commercial settings, but can also be used in larger domestic rooms if there is ample space on the ceiling. These cassette systems are not only highly functional, but also energy efficient, ensuring comfortable temperature control all year round.
black Air conditioner on white wall background

Wall Mounted

Well-suited for compact spaces, these systems are mounted on the wall at an elevated position. They are perfect for conservatories, bedrooms, and living areas. They are the most straightforward and cost-effective option for installation. These modern wall-mounted systems are both efficient and energy-efficient, ensuring comfortable temperature control throughout the year.

Floor Mounted

Ideal for compact areas, these systems are mounted on the wall at a low level. They are perfect for conservatories, bedrooms and living spaces, particularly in conservatories where the only available wall space is low. These low-level wall-mounted systems are both functional and energy efficient, ensuring comfortable temperature control all year round.
What do we offer?

Our Cooling Solutions

We install air-conditioning in a number of places, take a look below.


Create the perfect temperature in any room of your house for maximum comfort.


Studies show 55% of offices are more effective with air-conditioning installed.


Keep your customers happy at your Nightclub, Stadium or Conference Centre.


Deliver clean, comfortable air to your students to give them the best possible environment to learn and study in.

Café & Restaurant

Increase the amount of time your customers stay for a coffee or three course meal by keeping them comfortable throughout their visitation.

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Sustainable Prices for a Sustainable Future

Fill out the contact form to find out more about our affordable EV charging solutions.


2-In-1 Temperature Control

Double the efficiency, double the features! We provide highly efficient, dual-purpose heat pumps for your home or workplace.

Transform Your Space

Turn your unused conservatory or loft into a comfortable, liveable space to enjoy.

Seamless Solutions

Our Air Conditioning Units come in a range of stylish designs to fit seamlessly into your home.


Programmable thermostats enable comfort from the moment you wake up.

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Sustainable Air Conditioning

Why Invest in Air Conditioning?

Our knowledgeable team of experts are here to help find the perfect AC solutions for you. Thinking of investing in AC but not sure where to start? Talk to us to find out how we can help!

Cleaner Air

Invest in Air Conditioning for better air quality in your workplace or residence.

Space Saving

Wall mounted AC units save you space and make a valuable addition to your property.

Quiet Cooling

In contrast to smaller, portable AC units, our solutions are practically noise-free.

End-to-End Solutions

Our comprehensive service supports you through AC installation to maintenance.

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