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Award: Solis Global Install of the Month

International recognition for InspireGreen

Solis install of the month
As part of their ongoing Global Solar Energy Installer Climate Action campaign, Solis have celebrated Inspire Green’s recent large commercial installation in Cardiff which was voted the most popular by the Solis global commercial installer community.  

Solis as the world’s third-largest PV inverter manufacturer is a global provider of solar and energy storage solutions. They utilise innovative technologies to maximise yields and renewable system longevity.  

Inspire Green choose to utilise Solis inverters for a recent large commercial solar PV installation in Cardiff which will generate over 130,000kWh of clean energy each year, which is the equivalent of planting 1650 trees.  

Inspire Green delivered a cutting-edge in-roof solar system solution for New Directions in Cardiff as part of their decarbonisation plan for their business. Our innovative approach incorporated 344 high-efficiency Trina Solar 425W Panels and the robust GSE Integration system to enhance the building’s energy efficiency. The project’s scope included the seamless incorporation of over 5km of cabling, 4 Solis Inverters, and comprehensive safety measures, featuring 2 Hager MCB Panels & 1 MCCB Panel. This project underscored Inspire Green’s commitment to delivering a solution that was both technologically advanced and environmentally responsible.  

For further information on Inspire Green’s celebrated renewable energy solutions for New Directions in Cardiff please visit here. 

To find out more about the Solis Global Solar Energy Installer Climate Action campaign visit here. 

Meet The Author.

Josh Powell
In 2019, We launched InspireGreen, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. With a background in technology and a passion for actionable change, my aim was to guide individuals and businesses towards effective decarbonization.

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