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Author: Josh Powell

Solis install of the month

Award: Solis Global Install of the Month

International recognition for InspireGreen As part of their ongoing Global Solar Energy Installer Climate Action campaign, Solis have celebrated Inspire Green’s recent large commercial installation

Case Study

Case Study: New Directions Solar

New Directions in Cardiff pioneers green energy with 344 Trina Solar Panels and GSE In-Roof System, generating 130,052kWh annually—akin to planting 1,650 trees each year.


Empowering Renewable Energy Producers: The Smart Export Guarantee

Discover how InspireGreen can help you maximize the benefits of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) in the UK. Register for this government-backed scheme and monetize your excess renewable energy with ease. Take a step towards a sustainable future with solar panels and battery systems from InspireGreen.

Ohme EV Charger mounted on Wall.
EV Charging

InspireGreen: Accredited Installers of Ohme EV Chargers in South Wales

Exciting news for EV owners in South Wales! InspireGreen is now an accredited installer of Ohme chargers, bringing seamless and eco-friendly charging solutions. Benefit from their expertise and Ohme’s advanced technology for hassle-free EV charging. Discover a greener future today!


What is MCS & Why is it Important?

MCS is a UK certification scheme for renewable energy products and installers, ensuring quality, safety, technical competence, and consumer protection.

Environmental Conservation Plant Sustainability

5 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

Reducing your carbon footprint and living sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these 5 simple tips for making eco-friendly changes at home and join the movement towards a healthier planet.

Air Conditioning

Benefits of Having the Right Office Temperature

In this article we look into the benefits of installing Air Conditioning into your office environment, and the positive impact it can have on your business.

Little girl and young woman standing by trunk of electric car
EV Charging

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Discover the numerous benefits of electric vehicles including reduced environmental impact, lower operating costs, improved performance, increased range, and government incentives. Learn why EVs are becoming a popular choice for sustainable and cost-effective transportation.